I’ve been following some of you so long I’m so attached to you I don’t even care what you post anymore I just enjoy your presence and personality thanks for being so rad even though I don’t talk to a lot of you yeah this post just got 10 times creepier ok bye

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Day 3- #Favourite movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ~ Part 2

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You fought it hard like an army guy

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We’d be so less fragile
If we’re made from metal
And our hearts from iron
And our minds from steel

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“there’s so many wars we foughtthere’s so many things we’re notbut with what we havei promise you thatwe’re marching on”

“there’s so many wars we fought
there’s so many things we’re not
but with what we have
i promise you that
we’re marching on”

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We need fantasy to survive because reality is too difficult.

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Emma Watson for Lancôme Paris. 

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would I have changed my ways?

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